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The HIB (Health Insurance Bureau) fulfils the following roles on the basis of international and national law:

- liaison body of the Czech Republic in the sphere of public health insurance and healthcare in the sense of Art. 1, par. 2b) of EU Regulation 987/09  

- national contact point on the basis of Art. 14 of Public Health Insurance Act and EU Directive 24/2011 on Patients’ Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare

- designated institution for determination of applicable legislation as concerns non-active persons and cooperating institution for consideration of applications for exemption from applicable legislation in cases of employees and self-employed according to Art. 16 of EU Regulation 883/2004

- access point within the meaning of Art. 1, 2a), resp. 88, par 1 of EU Regulation 987/2009, operating common IT system for purpose of international electronic data exchange

 - liaison body of the Czech Republic in the sphere of public health insurance according to particular bilateral agreements on social security 

 - competent authority for application of OECD Treaty on mutual assistance in tax matters in the sphere of health insurance of the Czech Republic   

HIB currently represents the Czech system of health insurance in relation to 42 states applying EU rules or bilateral and multilateral agreements binding for the Czech Republic. 

From the legal point of view, the HIB is an association of legal entities (all Czech public health insurance companies).

The supreme body of the HIB is the Board of directors composed of general directors of the health insurance funds and representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance. The HIB itself is represented by its director.

The most important tasks of HIB are as follows:

Information Service

The HIB gathers and provides all information on application of the EC-law and international agreements.

It informs the Czech and foreign insured persons about their entitlements arising from the international law and about the administrative procedures necessary for claiming of rights through the website , information materials, press, telephone and e-mail service.

The same service is also provided to Czech and foreign institutions, healthcare providers and employers.



HIB issues common methodology for Health insurance companies, including their rights, duties and procedures, necessary for accurate application of international law. HIB participates also on preparation of methodology for healthcare providers.


Determination of applicable legislation

As a representative of health insurance system the HIB cooperates closely with Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) in the process of considering the requests on exemption from applicable legislation. HIB itself considers the cases concerning determination of applicable legislation of non-active persons.



The costs of benefits in kind obtained by the Czech insured persons in the EU and contracting countries as well as the costs of benefits in kind provided to the insured persons from the EU and contracting countries in the territory of the Czech Republic are internationally reimbursed by the HIB.

Consultancy and administrative support

The HIB offers consultancy and administrative support for

  • Czech and foreign health insurance companies
  • Liaison bodies of other states
  • Czech and foreign social security institutions
  • Czech and foreign insured persons
  • Czech and foreign employers
  • Czech and foreign healthcare providers

in legal, administrative and technical matters regarding the participation in health insurance system or entitlements to healthcare benefits.

The HIB offers the administrative help in concrete cases to all subjects concerned.



The Health Insurance Bureau concludes agreements with foreign liaison bodies making the practical and effective application of the EU-law and international treaties easier.


Cooperation with State Administration Bodies – legislation

The HIB participates in the preparation of new international social security agreements in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The HIB also closely participates in the preparation of new European legislation in this field. The HIB further participates in the preparation of national legislative changes regarding the health insurance.


Cooperation with European Bodies

The representatives of the HIB are the members of Audit Board, Technical Commission and particular ad hoc working groups dealing with the EU coordination of social security schemes.



The HIB gathers statistic data concerning application of international law in the sphere of public health insurance. HIB issues annually its Statistical Report.


AP CMU – system for electronic administration of international agenda and international electronic data exchange 

HIB operates common IT system for administration of international agenda by employees of HIB and all the Czech Health Insurance Funds (AP CMU). In a final phase (after delivery of supranational EU part of solution) the system shall electronically interconnect Czech health insurance institutions with all the relevant counterparts within the EU. 


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